History and knowledge of Tilapia farming.

Mentogystix was founded by Elizabeth Venter, who started with intensive 

Aqua - culture farming in ponds in 2008.

The specie farm is Mosambicus Osecromus better known as Tilapia.

we only farm with the best quality Tilapia fish to ensure once the product 

is market ready the Tilapia fish is of excellent quality.

With our knowledge and experience we also started to manufacture our own feeds.

Elizabeth had the honour of entering the DAFF female farmer competition 

for the year 2011 at the level of small holder and was truly blessed 

With the following awards:

1: Small holder of the year Mpumalanga 2011

2: Overall female farmer for the year 2011

3: National smallholder of the year 2012

With the fish industry growing by the minute we at Mentogystix are here to

help you to take the possibility for inland, intensive aqua-culture farming 

for human consumption to the next level and make it a successful business: